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The heart and soul of Little Dower House is found in our gardens, all unique and equally beautiful. 

Every bush and border is nourished and cherished to create a sense of peace and healing.

We hope you enjoy them.

Throughout the seasons


In spring the gardens come alive with daffodils, bluebells, blossom, wild garlic, ox eye daisies, rhododendrons, tulips, irises and more.

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WhatsApp Image 2024-04-07 at 11.09_edite


In summer you can smell the roses, wisteria, buddleja, peonies, lavender and geraniums. Many couples choose to propose or get married under the Indian Catalpa tree, whose heart shaped leaves become their most resplendent in mid July.


Autumn lights our gardens up in oranges, reds and golds, with an abundance of conkers that delight the squirrels dancing in branches above.

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In winter we are blessed with snowdrops, hellebores and crocus. We witness some of the clearest and starriest night skies, most beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and - if you are lucky - snow that silently blankets our woodlands and meadows in a silvery glow.

The Marquee Meadow

An expansive 5 acres of open space and long floaty grass, with beautiful views of Windsor Castle and the forests of Windsor Great Park opposite. Fully encompassed by the nature around, The Marquee Field is the perfect location for larger events and can hold 250 people, with parking space for up to 40 cars. This area is whatever you'd like it to be, so dream big! Marquees, food vans, merry-go-rounds or bouncy castles. Whatever the occasion, we'll help you bring your vision to life.

Key information: Capacity: 250 Power: Yes Shelter: Yes (your outdoor structures plus the properties on our grounds). Parking: Through a separate entrance straight off the road. Signage made available. Sparklers, flares and torches? Yes! Live music? Yes!