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Windsor Great Park

Nearly 5000 acres of ancient woodland, giant lakes and Royal views, right on your doorstep.

All images by Sylvie Pope.


Stay next to
the Deer Park

Dating back to pre-Saxon times, Windsor Great Park is a 4,800 acre (1,942 hectares) park owned by the Crown Estate. It has an incredible variety of landscapes, from Redwood and Pine forests to ornamental gardens, lakes and open plains.


There is no shortage of activities in the park. Little Dower House sits adjacent to the deer park: a lesser known and extremely beautiful part of the park rich in wildlife. It is here that you will be able to see the famous Red Deer; the reason for the park's creation in medieval times. If staying in the Victorian Lodge you may even spot deer opposite you. 


Today there are around 500 Red Deer roaming freely in the forests. If lucky, you may also spot Roe deer and Muntjac.

The Long Walk

From Windsor Great Park you can visit the Long Walk which leads to Windsor Castle. Created by King Charles II in 1682-85, this tree-lined avenue stretches almost 2.5 miles down to the ancient fortress of Windsor Castle, the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world.

Did you know?

Windsor Great Park has been the chosen location of many Hollywood blockbusters, including: Alice in Wonderland, Robin Hood, Dr Dolittle, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part One and Two, Snow White and The Huntsman, Cinderella and many more. Book our guided walk to find the exact spot (under a very special ancient Oak) Alice fell down the rabbit hole!

Activities in Windsor Great Park

From horse and carriage rides to bicycle rides, dog walking, running, horse riding, Guards Polo, guided walks, Savill Garden, Valley Gardens and more. The list is endless, so come and check it out yourself!


Book a guided nature walk, photography lesson or photoshoot

Sylvie Pope is a professional documentary, portrait and nature photographer, who has been capturing life at Little Dower House and in Windsor Great Park for many years. An expert on the park's history and best places to spot wildlife, she offers guided tours and photography sessions through the beautiful woodlands near us, all the way to the famous Long Walk and beyond. Whether you're staying in one of our holiday properties or visiting Windsor for the day, get in touch to book a wonderful adventure through nature.

You don't even have to venture out

of your holiday cottage or the gates of our estate to spot plenty of wildlife.


We're extremely proud that Little Dower House has become a safe haven for all sorts of species - from birds, to mammals and even a type of endangered newt!


If staying in the peaceful countryside surrounded by wildlife and an array of beautiful flowers and plants sounds right up your street, book a stay! 


Spot wildlife at
Little Dower 

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