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Wildlife at
Little Dower

A haven for wildlife 

and nature lovers alike.

Professional photos taken by Sylvie Pope.

Our top tips!


Book a stay in the Shepherd's Hut for the most immersive nature experience.


Bird watchers and nature photographers will love the peace and quiet here. Relax on decking in the golden hours, watching wildlife do its thing in front of panoramic views of the countryside.


We see pheasants almost daily down here, with swans, birds of prey and more. Owls and partridges sometimes sit on the fence right in front of you, and if lucky you may spot a deer outside your window.

Stay between September and October to hear the truly unique and enchanting roar of Red Deer stags coming from the forests of Windsor Great Park.


There's no sound quite like it. Males form perimeters around their herds during 'rutting' season and fend off potential intruders and younger bucks by locking horns. When the park is open you can wander in to witness this incredible phenomenon for yourself - just be careful to keep a safe and respectful distance.


Visit the front of Little Dower House and our woodland gardens for a good chance to see wildfowl and game bird.


We often put out bird seed which has helped maintain a healthy pheasant and partridge population, and is enjoyed by other little critters!

Each spring two Egyptian geese choose our woodland pond and surrounding trees to grow their young family. We've also had plenty of Mallard and Mandarin ducklings, and our pond is a sanctuary for endangered newts.

Book a stay in the Victorian Lodge for a good chance of seeing muntjac deer.


These unique and charming little deer often burrow under the adjacent fence from Windsor Great Park and can be seen running through the long grass opposite and in other parts of the gardens.

(If you see them nibbling on plants in the Lodge gardens, gently make your presence known. They can't get enough of our roses!) 


Sylvie Pope is a professional documentary, portrait and nature photographer, who has been capturing life at Little Dower House and in Windsor Great Park for many years.


An expert on the park's history and best places to spot wildlife, she offers guided tours and photography sessions through the beautiful woodlands near us, all the way to the famous Long Walk and beyond.


Whether you're staying in one of our holiday properties or visiting Windsor for the day, get in touch to book a wonderful adventure through nature.


Book our guided nature walk, photography lesson or photoshoot in
Windsor Great Park


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